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Default 98 Auto GST transmission problem?

I've searched around forums but can't find anything like my problem as common as it sounds. Onto the problem I've mainly only noticed/had it happen when I start the car and it's idling rough or just slightly lower than usual. The transmission doesn't want to engage into gear it just revs up and randomly slams into gear, and when it goes into gear on the first try it tries to stall out and it will stay in gear up to the point of me stopping, or if I slow down almost to a stop and then try to move, it just revs and then it slams into gear and then moves. I checked the fluid the first time it happened it was dry but its been good since then, does it sound like the trans is bad or possibly electronic, because besides that it drives perfect and the trans doesn't slip.

Not sure if any of this matters but, the car has a check engine light for "Fuel trim Bank 1", the car has a 6 bolt swap, and the car has a minor boost leak.

Any help is greatly appreciated, any questions just ask, thanks!

98 Eclipse GS-T- 6 Bolt swapped, Eibach Prokit lowering springs
98 Eclipse RS RIP 249K
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