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Old 10-27-2010, 10:25 PM
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Default 10 Ways Not to be a Jerk Online

10 Ways Not to Be a Jerk Online

Whether you're a Web newbie or experienced surfer, it never hurts to remember your Netiquette when talking to others in the online community.

Network etiquette, AKA netiquette, is the set rules for online conduct that separate the n00bs from the power users. We all make mistakes when we start, right? Especially when trying to join an online community or social network.

If you're experienced online and you still break these rules of common online courtesy, then you're probably just a big jerk-face. However, you can avoid being seen as a digital dirtbag to your online fellows by following these simple steps.

* Remember The Past
Even you were new to the Web once, so be kind to those just dipping a toe in the water. When they make mistakes, gently point out where they went wrong; and if you can, do it privately to prevent public humiliation. Real people, unlike real jerks, want to improve.

* Know Your Place
Get to know the places where you're posting, and what the audience to that site or community expects. What passes for discourse on a YouTube comment wouldn't pass muster in just about any other forum online.

* Be a Lurker
It's best to learn your way around an online forum and the people who use it, by lurking first. That means reading and watching, but not participating until you are sure you're not going to make a mistake.

* Search First, Ask Later
Nothing annoys administrators of online forums more than getting a question that's already been asked and answered. It goes back to lurking first; you should also do a thorough search of the forums to be sure you're not being redundant. Use Google or Bing advanced search if there's no search box in the forum. And definitely read the FAQs (frequently asked questions).

* Spelling and Grammar Count
It doesn't matter what passes for "writing" in a text message: you will be judged by your ability to communicate online. Take advantage of the tools in your word processor and write what you want to say there with all the spell-check and grammar help you can get. And read it over once before posting.

NOT ONLY IS IT HARD TO READ... DOESN'T THIS LOOK ANNOYING? It's the equivalent of shouting online. Keep your all caps to a minimum, maybe one word to get some REAL emphasis.

* Be Flame Retardant
Flaming someone is confrontation for confrontation's sake. Think twice before posting anything in anger or frustration. Even if you're 100 percent correct, and you feel momentarily better, you could look bad—that post is
permanently out there for the world to see.

* Brevity
That's a short subhead because that's all you need to know: keep it short.

* Reject Anonymity
Yes, we know that it's a staple of online life and leads to unheard of freedom, but there's a difference between being a Chinese dissident and complaining about the new clip on Youtube. If you've got a real opinion worth standing behind, then you should have the guts to stand behind it with your real name.

* Respect Anonymity
That said, sometimes secrets are important. Not everyone can go public, and you shouldn't be the one to out them, even if—especially if—they annoy you. That's just petty, and you're better than that, right?

From: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2371502,00.asp
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DSM=reliable when maintained properly.
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Just a reminder.
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Psssh, I'll tell you where you can shove your "stuff," lol
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So I woke up 4 hours before my alarm and decided to make some cereal for breakfast. I got as far as pouring the milk before I realized that I'd grabbed a plate
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